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Our History

Hybrid Premium shoes

 We welcome you to the only brand that does not seek to sell for simple waste, but to fulfill passions. Our name is sabatter and this is the story of how we have managed to be who we are. From the beginning we have not search to have good businessmen, but have passionate people in each of our areas. People who have many years of experience and who follow their dreams.

The effervescence began before our brand was born, in a city called León Guanajuato. From that place our roots began to take huaraches to where nobody else dared, to the jungle, to the desert, wagons pulled by donkeys entered between the sinuous roads to be able to supply those who walked barefoot. There was born GEADZ (people poisoned by high doses of shoes). Passion or poisoning began to spread in the hearts of people who wanted to do what they liked. Our father was the first to become a GEADZ He went to the center of the shoe crib, Leon Gto. His name is now a legend and we follow in the footsteps of a hero to change the world of footwear that until now has been the same.

We are the dreamers, the dream hunters. Our goal is to be the object that has more contact with you, even more than the phone. Remembering in each step that the passion of the human being is to keep going in the fight against the ordinary. We are the first to innovate the premium hybrid leather sneaker in Latin America, but in order to realize what we are saying, you will have to feel on the soles of your feet, on your toes and your heels to show the exquisite experience of being a user sabatter and to be amazed with the justice that there is in each of the prices of these beautiful shoes. We do not seek to charge for the reputation of the brand or seek to take advantage of the amount of talent behind each of the products. We only seek for your satisfaction so that when you walk people around you turn to see with surprise painting their faces.

The skins that clothe us contain the most demanding standards in terms of resistance and beauty, extracted and treated only by professionals so that when you hug the skin you will feel all the love with which these crafts are made.

We are drawn by the best Italian artists, developed by the best office in England, lined with the best Spanish leather, made by the hands of the world: Mexican hands. Justice is our main motivator, urging people to achieve exceptional quality for a price totally fair to their pockets, we're sabatter, the shoe of justice.

The taste for walking the world is an uncommon taste, but for knowledgeable people. If you are a world runner, we will be your best friends at all times, driving and giving you encouragement in the most difficult moments, in those moments when it is not easy to stand. A sabatter user is a citizen of the world.

Leon Guanajuato is the birthplace of footwear in Mexico and each of our artists and craftsmen are the best in their area. Handmade in the best of the best places to craft shoes. The hybrid technology provides the walker with a versatile fusion between sports and causality to look good at all times and better still feel good at all times.

One of our goals is that when you get home, you forget that you have these shoes that our comfort and excellence are such that you forget that you have them, cushioning each of your steps. That you have us not because we are the ones who shine the most on the dresser, but because we are the favorites in your closet. That you use us, mistreat us and that you can jump, dance, run, fall, lift and that we continue there, so that you fit us the next day and the next and the next.

Our wise distributors have taken this leftover art around the world, so we will light up your eyes when you see us in Jamaica, Wales, Japan, Canada, Los Angeles. New York, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam and México.